Annual Gutter Clearing in Little Baddow 21/06/13

It is recommended that people have their gutters cleared of moss, leaves and other debris at least once a year to stop blockages. Damage can be caused to woodwork and walls when water overflows from gutters instead of flowing away properly. The weight of soaked debris can damage guttering especially when it freezes.

Our purpose designed gutter clearing system enables us to work safely and quickly from ground level.

Once on site we can quickly set up the equipment which is packed and ready to go in our van.

Gutter clearing equipment

Gutter clearing equipment

Taking out the Nilfisk Alto Maxi WD7 Vacuum Unit which has two Commercial Strength Vacuum Engines producing 1500watts of genuine power from each motor. Giving an incredible 90″ of water lift, a very powerful professional Vacuum Unit.

Nilfisk Alto Maxi WD7 Vacuum Unit

Nilfisk Alto Maxi WD7 Vacuum Unit

Connecting Flexi Hose to Poles – connecting Flexi Hose to Vacuum Unit – & plugging Vacuum Unit into power supply

Setting up

Nilfisk Alto Maxi WD7 Vacuum Unit

Five minutes and we are set up & ready to get started with the gutter clearing

Sky vac

Sky vac

Into the gutter.

gutter clearing

sky vac cutter clearing

This property has some very large trees ( the photos do not properly show their full size ) these trees produce a high amount of leaves & the only way to get these gutters clear & working correctly is to regularly clear them.


Into the down pipes of the gutter – this is were the Vacuum Unit excels over the traditional clearing method, as you can get right into the bend of the pipe without having to remove it, thus making it easier, faster & cheaper to carry out the job

down pipe

The debris & dirty waste water from the front of the house only – the Vacuum Unit works best when there is a little water in the gutter as the water helps to keep or stick all the waste (moss, leaves, sticks, etc) in the gutter together when sucking out.


A look inside the cleared gutters

cleared guttering

Carbon Fibre Poles – they can easily reach 3 storey building.


packed back inside the van