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Painting and Decorating Render – Ennis Clare, Lt Baddow, Chelmsford.

Crystal Clear Cleaning Maintenance Ltd – Painting and Decorating Services.

Painting and Decorating Services to Property Render and Jet Washing of Lower Front Roof.

Crystal Clear Ltd have worked for Mr and Mrs Tennet over a number of years by regularly cleaning windows, unblocking gutters every year, cleaning gutters and fascia boards etc.We were asked about the dirty discoloured render and what could be done to remove the dirty green staining. We advised on our system of brushing and scrubbing the worst of the dirt off, treatment the render then finally painting.

We started works on this property in the summer of 2016 by our usual process of firstly sheeting up all windows to protect them from paint and dirt, then cleaning down all the render with our specialised cleaning poles and brushes. To make sure all the fungi and algae was fully eradicated we also applied a fungicidal wash to all areas. After leaving the fungicidal wash a few weeks to work into the render, we then started on the preparation for the painting works this involved by firstly apply a stabilising solution to all parts of the render paying particular attention to any cracks and holes. We then started filling up all the cracks and holes ready for the painting. For most of our customers we advice on Dulux Weathershield Masonry Paints for painting render we feel the Dulux range of paints to be some of the best paints on the market. This job was completed from start to finish in 2 weeks while the customer was away to minimis disturbance, we received high praise for the works and the customer also left us a review.

Below before – Property looking dull and dark.


After – the property looks bright and new (windows still have the protective sheeting on)


Before starting any painting works, our first job was to clean the moss off the roof.


We also applied a fungicidal wash on the roof and painted it with a transparent roof paint to seal it off.


Painting and Decorating Services in Chelmsford

Painting and Decorating Services in Chelmsford

We were very happy to undertaken commercial painting and decorating services in Chelmsford, for the Women’s Institute (W.I.) and Eastern Data Group (EDG) at Whitelands Business Centre, Hatfield Peverel, Chelmsford.

We carried out internal painting and decorating services in Chelmsford at the W.I. for the kitchen, toilets, offices and lobby areas. This included the preparation and finish to woodwork, doors, walls, radiators. To reduce disturbance to the staff at the W.I. we worked outside of usual office hours, the project took 2 experienced painters 3 weeks to complete.

We also completed painting and decorating services in Chelmsford for EDG to 12 offices, 3 toilets, 2 kitchens, entrance lobby and surrounding corridors.

If require professional painting and decorating services in Chelmsford please contact Scott on 01376 348 773 | 07900 250 078 |

commercial painting and decorating

commercial painting and decorating

commercial office painting & decorating

commercial office painting and decorating

commercial office painting and decorating

commercial office painting and decorating

commercial office painting and decorating

commercial office painting and decorating

commercial office painting and decorating

commercial office painting and decorating

If you require Painting and Decorating Services in Chelmsford or surrounding counties please contact Scott on 01376 348774 – 07900 250 078 –

House renovation in Maldon Before and After pictures

Complete Property Restoration – Expert Painters and Decorators .                                           60 Kings St. Maldon

Here we have a property that Crystal Clear Ltd project managed from the start to finish.           We pride ourselves on a high quality finish we used our own in house painters and decorators, being a local family run business we have many trusted tradesman that we can rely upon to provide a first class finish.

We organised and supplied the following :                                                                                               (1) SSE Professional Scaffolders.                                                                                                               (2) Renderes.                                                                                                                                                 (3) Painters.                                                                                                                                                     (4) Carpenters.                                                                                                                                                 (5) Waste Disposal.

Day (1) Scaffolding goes up and windows are sheeted up.

60 KINGS & PARK DELL 0011opt_

Below – Badly worn render is not water tight and is causing serious damp issues inside.


Below – This property needs more than just painting!

CC Ltd May '14 059

Major works underway

KINGS 1191opt_

Below – Completely rendered and fully painted from top to bottom. The property was inspected after by damp experts and was give a glowing report.


Mill Ln & Hols 14 055

60 KINGS & PARK DELL 035 Mill Ln & Hols 14 07260 KINGS & PARK DELL 0191opt_KINGS 1701opt_

Below – This render had blown and needed removing, the hole area was cleaned up and sealed.

60 KINGS & PARK DELL 0091opt_KINGS 1561opt_

Below – Mr D.Bryant 40+ years experience as a master painter, good to have him in the team!

KINGS 0501opt_

Below – Skilled craftsman and carpenter Lawrence Gowers (LG Woodwork) fitting gutters correctly with a spirit level, so to get the right water fall down the gutter pipe.

KINGS 094a1opt_KINGS 1431opt_KINGS 1571opt_

To be continued….. we have been asked to take on more work next year                                           (1) Re pointing brickwork to the front of house.                                                                                         (2) Cleaning and sealing bricks to the front of the house.                                                                       (3) Internal carpentry.

To this day we still clean Mr and Mrs Bullards windows on a regular basis, and we often have a good chat and laugh about the job.

Large Painting Project, Maldon.

Future Proof & Protect your Property

60 Kings Street, Maldon – Exterior Renovation

Crytal Clear Ltd were approached by Mr and Mrs Bullard after moving into their period property with regards to the exterior painting of the rendering, rain water system and general condition of their property. The render was mainly in a stable condition but had many poor repairs and patch ups over the years, the render also had no drip bead which is designed to help push rain water away from the property. The complete rain water system (gutters etc) were also long past renewal and not fit for purpose. After a close and though inspection of the property we advised that the property was due a complete exterior renevation. This included relaying new render with a drip bead, totally new rain water system, repairing and painting fascias and soffits, painting new render, painting window sells and some other minor tasks that the customer had requested.

Within two weeks of being contacted we had submitted our free no obligation quote with regards to carrying out the work. Crystal Clear Ltd started work on 16th May 2014 organising the complete project from start to finish we arranged a professional scaffolding company to the property, and we supplied a highly skilled professional team of renderers to re-render the property. The final stage of renovation and decoration involved replacing the old rain water system and painting all the exterior property.

We started on the top fascias which were fully sanded with an electric sander to remove all loose flakey and excess paint, then lightly by hand to smooth over the surface. We then treated the wood with a wood preserver to penetrate and seal the wood, then we filled all the holes and joints up, finally we painted all the woodwork with 3 full coats of Bedec Semi Gloss Barn Paint. We then applied a watered down sealing coat of Dulux Masonry Paint to all areas to fully seal the render, then we applied two full top coats of Dulux Masonry paint. The window sells were heavily scraped and sanded to remove all the loose paint and to smooth over the surface, we advised no to fill the slight holes and cracked with regards to the window sells as these defects would add character to the house while still remaining sound. The Floplast rain water system was installed by a fully qualified carpenter.

Crystal Clear Ltd started the project on May 16th and finished on 22nd June, 5 weeks 2 days from start to finish, with glowing feed back from our clients and their family, friends and neighbours with regards to the transformation of the property, we were more than satisified with the final finish of this renovation project.

Crystal Clear Ltd are able to offer a highly skilled professional work force with a keen interest in completing exceptional levels of quality workmanship, and an attention to detail second to none.

Before and After Photos

You can slide the slider on each image to see the before and after photos

House Renovation


Render had to be removed. We fully repaired the render, painted and installed new gutters.

Left: badly weathered fascia – right: fully repaired fascia.

Left: before – Right: render finished, fully painted, new gutters.

Left: fascia board with thick unstable paint – Right: fully stripped, sanded, treated fascia.

Left: fascia, treated, filled, 1st coat of Bedec – Right: showing attention to detail, paint being applied underneath the roofing felt.

Left: showing attention to detail, paint being applied underneath the roofing felt – Right: finished fascia.

Left: window ledge sanded – Right: window ledge fully finished.