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Repointing, Cleaning and Waterproofing Bricks – Kings St, Maldon.

Repointing, Cleaning and Waterproofing Brickwork – Kings St, Maldon.

Here we have returned to Kings St in Maldon to finish the front of the property by repointing, cleaning and sealing the brickwork. If this work is carried out professionally using quality products the bricks will remain fully water tight for many many years into the future protecting the property from damp, frost, insects etc.

This small old property has solid walls and no cavity which  has caused some serious damp issues inside the property. With the works Crystal Clear Ltd has carried out we have eradicated the issues with damp giving the property a clean bill of health. The works to the property have also greatly increased the properties value and resell.

Below – Bricks have been chased out, ready for repointing


Below – Bricks have been neatly chased out, ready for repointing.


Below – Mike Kirby professional pointer and brick expert. 2nd Generation family pointing company based in Southend, has carried out numerous jobs for us to a very high standard.


Below – Professional products and attention to detail makes for a good job.


Below – Repointing finished and the first part of cleaning the bricks is completed.


Repointing and cleaning the bricks not only protects the property from damp, frost, insects etc but it is also looks pleasing to the eye.


High Pressure Jet Washing – Acorn Ave, Braintree. 2016

High Pressure Jet Washing – Re-Sanding Blocks.

Acorn Ave, Braintree, Essex. Summer 2016

We started by treating all areas with a high strenght Glyphosate weedkiller and then applying  a professional fungicide wash to help loosen and lift the dirt. Two weeks later we started to jet wash the driveway, side alleyway, rear patio area and garden steps, this job took one person a day and a half to clean. In some areas we had to run the jet washer over the blocks a few times, as the dirt was ground in, to achieve the best results it is very important to concentrate on small areas at a times.

This is the best transformation of a block pathed driveway that we have completed.

BELOW – Before Cleaning the Driveway is BLACK

Block Pathing Driveway Before

BELOW – After Cleaning Incredible transformation from BLACK TO YELLOW!


Below – Before cleaning the customers flower bed is covered up.



Below – After cleaning


Below – Entrance of the driveway before cleaning.

(ACORN AVE JW BEFORE)jet-washing-at-acorn-ave-after-2

We received a excellent feedback for this job from our client and neighbours.

Painting and Decorating – High Pressure Jet Washing Services.

Painting and Decorating – High Pressure Jet Washing Services.

Complete Exterior Renovation – Crystal Clear Ltd excel in painting and decorating

Left: before – Right: after.

Left: before – Right: after.

Left: before – Right: after.


Oak Dell During#2

Jet Washing Driveway in Maldon

Driveway clean summer 2016 – Maldon Rd, Great Totham

Driveway Cleaning in Great Totham – Using High Pressure Jet Washer.

Crystal Clear Ltd were contacted in the summer of 2016 by Mr Oaks to quote for a complete High Pressure Jet Washing Driveway Clean and weedkiller treatment. We started the project within 2 weeks and the job took 1 operative a full day to complete the works, the weedkiller treatment was applied 2 weeks before starting.

The driveway and pointing were in a very good condition this made the task of cleaning much easier, we carried out a standard clean up at the day of the day leaving Mr Oaks property including all windows, doors, walls were left spotlessly clean.

We specialise in Driveway Cleaning and have carried out many different cleaning projects to various types of surfaces from Indian Sandstone to Old Cobble Stones.                                     Crystal Clear Cleaning Maintenance Ltd offer complete Professional High Pressure Jet Washing  Services – All quotes are always free with no obligations

Before and after photos displayed below.

Left: before – Right: after.

Left: before – Right: after.

60 Park Dell, Danbury, Essex – Jet wash of patio area summer 2014

Left: Patio Before – Right: Patio After

Left: Patio Before – Right: Patio After