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Repointing, Cleaning and Waterproofing Bricks – Kings St, Maldon.

Repointing, Cleaning and Waterproofing Brickwork – Kings St, Maldon.

Here we have returned to Kings St in Maldon to finish the front of the property by repointing, cleaning and sealing the brickwork. If this work is carried out professionally using quality products the bricks will remain fully water tight for many many years into the future protecting the property from damp, frost, insects etc.

This small old property has solid walls and no cavity which  has caused some serious damp issues inside the property. With the works Crystal Clear Ltd has carried out we have eradicated the issues with damp giving the property a clean bill of health. The works to the property have also greatly increased the properties value and resell.

Below – Bricks have been chased out, ready for repointing


Below – Bricks have been neatly chased out, ready for repointing.


Below – Mike Kirby professional pointer and brick expert. 2nd Generation family pointing company based in Southend, has carried out numerous jobs for us to a very high standard.


Below – Professional products and attention to detail makes for a good job.


Below – Repointing finished and the first part of cleaning the bricks is completed.


Repointing and cleaning the bricks not only protects the property from damp, frost, insects etc but it is also looks pleasing to the eye.


House renovation in Maldon Before and After pictures

Complete Property Restoration – Expert Painters and Decorators .                                           60 Kings St. Maldon

Here we have a property that Crystal Clear Ltd project managed from the start to finish.           We pride ourselves on a high quality finish we used our own in house painters and decorators, being a local family run business we have many trusted tradesman that we can rely upon to provide a first class finish.

We organised and supplied the following :                                                                                               (1) SSE Professional Scaffolders.                                                                                                               (2) Renderes.                                                                                                                                                 (3) Painters.                                                                                                                                                     (4) Carpenters.                                                                                                                                                 (5) Waste Disposal.

Day (1) Scaffolding goes up and windows are sheeted up.

60 KINGS & PARK DELL 0011opt_

Below – Badly worn render is not water tight and is causing serious damp issues inside.


Below – This property needs more than just painting!

CC Ltd May '14 059

Major works underway

KINGS 1191opt_

Below – Completely rendered and fully painted from top to bottom. The property was inspected after by damp experts and was give a glowing report.


Mill Ln & Hols 14 055

60 KINGS & PARK DELL 035 Mill Ln & Hols 14 07260 KINGS & PARK DELL 0191opt_KINGS 1701opt_

Below – This render had blown and needed removing, the hole area was cleaned up and sealed.

60 KINGS & PARK DELL 0091opt_KINGS 1561opt_

Below – Mr D.Bryant 40+ years experience as a master painter, good to have him in the team!

KINGS 0501opt_

Below – Skilled craftsman and carpenter Lawrence Gowers (LG Woodwork) fitting gutters correctly with a spirit level, so to get the right water fall down the gutter pipe.

KINGS 094a1opt_KINGS 1431opt_KINGS 1571opt_

To be continued….. we have been asked to take on more work next year                                           (1) Re pointing brickwork to the front of house.                                                                                         (2) Cleaning and sealing bricks to the front of the house.                                                                       (3) Internal carpentry.

To this day we still clean Mr and Mrs Bullards windows on a regular basis, and we often have a good chat and laugh about the job.

High Pressure Jet Washing of Period Victorian Property

London Rd, Braintree – High Pressure Jet Washing of Period Victorian Property

Crystal Clear Ltd were required to high pressure clean the rear patio, side path, brick walls, steps and tarmac drive way.

The property dates back to 1906 so being over 100 years old we had to be exceptionally careful when carrying out our cleaning, so not to damage any aged or fragile surfaces. We started with the rear patio area which was a pre-cast concrete flag which was deeply stained by aggressive lichen growth and algae. Added to the difficulty in the cleaning process was the pointing on the patio which was loose and in many areas was missing or broken. We were once again able to produce outstanding results while cleaning the patio, and the client was amazed to see the patio go from dark green back to its original colour.

We then moved down the side cleaning the tarmac path, rendered damp course, pipe conduit and side wall, then out onto the driveway to clean the old London red bricks. The bricks were in a bad condition with a severe attack of lichen, fungi and dirt from the busy road. The bricks were a real challenge to clean as the lichen had really taken hold over along period of time and had deeply penetrated and visibly tarnished the surface of the soft London red bricks.

Our strategy was to first lightly clean all the bricks paying particular attention not to over clean any surface. We then brushed all the bricks with a professional acid based brick cleaner to really work at and agitate the severely infested areas. After 20 minutes we began with the final deep clean of the brickwork going lightly over every area 2 or 3 times (not one heavy clean.) The bricks did eventually come up to our satisfaction as the property was of an older Victorian period it was important to leave the bricks clean, but still retaining the characteristics of an aged Victorian property as requested by the client.

This property is a perfect example for having a light yearly maintenance clean so to avoid the issues of ground in deep lichen, algae, mould and dirt. The property took one person one day to clean, we have listed the exact cleaning process that Crystal Clear Ltd under took. We have also added some before and after cleaning pictures for your attention.

(1)     Prepare and remove any objects i.e. sweep up all leaves, stones, debris etc.

(2)     Cover up and protect any areas such as flower boarders or fencing.

(3)     Fully high pressure jet wash all areas.

(4)     Rinse down all areas.

(5)     Clean any windows or doors.

(6)     Treat any areas if necessary with – Glyphosate commercial weedkiller, or algue and moss treatment.

Mr S Bryant
Company Director

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High Pressure Jet Washing Services

logoCrystal Clear Ltd – High Pressure Jet Washing Services.
Protect and future proof your investment

Crystal Clear Ltd have researched into the highest quality professional jet washing systems on the market today, to ensure we can produce the very highest standards of cleaning for our customers.

Founded in 1974 German manufacturer Kranzle is our choice for high pressure jet washers as they produce quality specialist equipment for professionals. Kranzle products are available exclusively from specialist dealers, and for good reason. If you pose high demands to quality cleaning and function of your machine you will expect professional equipment, service and support as well, therefore you will not find Kranzle jet washers at your local DIY store. Kranzle high pressure jet washers are by far the best we have tested they are heavy duty, powerful units, have outstanding build quality and technical perfection enabling Crystal Clear Ltd to produce incredible cleaning results for our customers.

KRANZLE jet washer

Crystal Clear Ltd also combine Kranzle high pressure jet washers with professional flat surface cleaners (shown below ) which are specifically designed to clean large flat areas such as patios, driveways and decking also vertical surfaces such as walls. The flat surface cleaner is an essential piece of kit as it ensures we can produce an even uniformed finish to the surface being cleaned. Another major advantage of the flat surface cleaner is that while cleaning you totally avoid the unsightly splash up of dirt and water, with this technique all the dirt remains safely underneath the large drum & not all over the surrounding areas. The flat surface cleaner is also more gentle on the area being cleaned as the high pressured water is spread out over a larger cleaning area in a uniformed circular motion.

800_KRANZLE 007

The combined cleaning method of the Kranzle pressure washers and flat surface cleaners is simple & very effective, enabling Crystal Clear Ltd to produce exceptional cleaning results for all our customers. Crystal Clear Ltd are able to clean and seal with polyurethane sealants many varied surfaces including patio slabs, block pathing, concrete, roof tiles and bricks.

Crystal Clear Ltd offer a highly flexible, fully insured, guaranteed service that we can tailor to our clients needs, be it a one off clean or an ongoing maintenance clean. If you would like further information on any project or require a free no obligation quote please do not hesitate to contact us we will be glad to help.

Areas Crystal Clear Ltd can clean with Kranzle high pressure jet washers are :- Patios, Driveways, Paths, Roofs, Walls, Decking, Cladding, Garden Furniture, Fences, Play Houses, Car Parks, Cars, Caravans, Out Buildings, Boats, Aircraft, Stables, Farm Equipment, Tennis Courts and much more.

Scott Bryant

Company Director

Blocked Drain Causing Damp Issues

White Elm Rd, Bicknacre.
Blocked drain causing damp issues.

Scott at Crystal Clear Ltd has cleaned our windows for many years. He is at all times professional and trustworthy as well as being communicative and willing to advice. Added to the window cleaning service Crystal Clear Ltd have also maintained our gutters, fascias, soffits.

During a gutter clearing operation Scott discovered a badly blocked gutter down pipe and ground drain that was affecting the drainage of the water on our property. This was causing the side brickwork and surrounding ground works of our property to become very damp. As this area was out of our sight we knew nothing about the blocked drain, this could of potentially given us further more expensive issues in the future.

The team at Crystal Clear Ltd were very professional, polite, reliable, and reasonably priced. The job they completed was efficient and they left the property looking immaculate. We would have no hesitation in recommending Scott and his team at Crystal Clear Ltd for any cleaning or maintenance work.

Blocked drain 495 498

The finished repairRepaired drain