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Commercial Window Cleaning Services Essex

Are you looking for commercial window cleaners in Essex | Cambridgeshire | Hertfordshire | Suffolk?

Crystal Clear provide highly recommended commercial window cleaning services in Essex and beyond.                                                                              Offering reliable cleaning solutions for all business types across the East of England, we deliver excellence time and again for our valued customers.            If you are a commercial premises call us today to discuss your requirements.

Why choose Crystal Clear for your commercial window cleaning services?

If you require professional window cleaning services then you have definitely come to the right place.                                                                                          Established since 2005 we have gained many trusted five star reviews on Google and This has given us an excellent reputation, making us one of the most highly rated window cleaning companies in Essex. Concluding that Crystal Clear would be the perfect choice for your window cleaning.

Fully Trained Staff

We are qualified Reach and Wash, Pure Water Fed Pole experts with training by industry leaders and pioneers IONICS. Our training was completed at the British Window Cleaning Academy (BWCA) in Swindon. Carried out by founder and developer Craig Malam, company director of IONICS SYSTEMS. This training gives our company the knowledge and expertise that is expected of a modern window cleaning company. Enabling us to clean windows safely up to heights of 80ft or 5-6 floors.

Window Cleaning Services. 

Commercial Units | Offices | Residential Homes | Flats | Shops | Hotels | Gyms | Golf Clubs and more.



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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do you clean the windows?           

A: For the most part we incorporate the use of The Reach and Wash System also known as Water Fed Poles or WFP for short. In particular we use the pole system for all the high, and hard to access windows. We are also capable of cleaning lower level windows using traditional window cleaning methods. Furthermore we have the ability to clean high internal windows and other areas using our internal cleaning system. 

Q: What regularity do you clean windows?

A: This is most certainly an individual decision. Since windows get dirty on a regular basis due to atmospheric conditions, also naturally from birds, trees, insects etc. We would therefore recommend cleaning your windows approximately every 5-6 weeks. This maybe a bit regular for some, so we also offer a 10-12 weekly window cleaning service (or quarterly service). However we are always very flexible.

Q: How would you get access around our property?

A: We offer a simple but effective solution here! Before we are due to clean your windows, we can call, text or email to notify you. Our customers really appreciate this important service, as they know exactly what day we are due over. Eliminating the situation of turning up unannounced.

Q: Do you clean the window, frames, sills, doors and panels?

A: Yes we definitely do, this is an especially important service that we offer. “As Standard On Every Clean” Crystal Clear will clean all the window frames, sills, doors including front doors and panels.

Q: How do we pay?

A: Online banking, and cheques are welcome.

Q: What areas and sectors do you cover?

In short we cover – Commercial Window Cleaning | Residential Window Cleaning.

Q: What happens if we are not happy with a clean?

A: We guarantee your satisfaction by offering a 100% money back service, or we can re-clean your windows free of charge.                                                           This is our company policy to all our customers, as a result we can offer you a risk free service at all times.

Pure Water Window Cleaning Explained.

Cleaning methods incorporate using ‘Water Fed Poles’ (WFP) also known as the ‘Reach & Wash system’. First of all we gently scrub the dirt with a specially designed soft bristle brush. As a result the dirt will become agitated and loose. We then use ultra pure deionised water, to finally rinse down the glass and frames. Rather than buffing or dry off, the window is left to dry naturally. Resulting in a stunning crystal clear finish.

Impossible or hard access areas.

With the introduction of the Water Fed Pole system, both access and safety have been dramatically improved. Allowing more impossible or hard to access areas to be safely cleaned from the ground. For example windows above conservatories, over pitched roofs, velux windows in roofs, up to heights of 75 ft.

Safety for window cleaners in Essex.

Safety at work is certainly an important factor for all responsible modern companies. WFP’s greatly reduces the risk of injury, and accidents also complying with the latest HSE Working at Height Regulations.

Your privacy is important to us!

Coupled with the improved access abilities, added safety, cleaning from the ground also greatly increased customers privacy. Rather than somebody looking through your bedroom window while cleaning, our system allows us to clean safely from the ground. In conclusion given these points as shown above the advantages of the Water Fed Pole system are very positive for all.

Services Available.

Office Cleaning | Gutter and Fascia Cleaning | Conservatory Roof Cleaning | Solar Panel Cleaning

Render Cleaning | High Pressure Jet Washing | Gutter Repairs | Painting and Decorating Services.

Areas we cover.

Commercial Window Cleaning in Essex | Commercial Window Cleaning in Cambridgeshire | Commercial Window Cleaning in Hertfordshire | Commercial Window Cleaning in Suffolk | Commercial Window Cleaning in London | Commercial Window Cleaning in the East of England.


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