House renovation in Maldon Before and After pictures

Complete Property Restoration – Expert Painters and Decorators: 60 Kings St. Maldon

The restoration of this lovely home was project managed by Crystal Clear from the start to finish. We pride ourselves on a high quality finish, using our own in-house painters and decorators. As a local, family-run business we have many trusted tradesman that we can rely upon to provide a first class finish.

We organised and supplied the following :                                                                                              

(1) SSE Professional Scaffolders.                                                                                                              

(2) Renders.                                                                                                                                                

(3) Painters.                                                                                                                                                    

(4) Carpenters.                                                                                                                                                

(5) Waste Disposal.

Day (1) Scaffolding goes up and windows are sheeted up.

60 KINGS & PARK DELL 0011opt_

Below – Badly worn render is not water tight and is causing serious damp issues inside.


Below – This property needs more than just painting!

CC Ltd May '14 059

Major works underway

KINGS 1191opt_

Below – Completely rendered and fully painted from top to bottom. The property was inspected after by damp experts and was given a glowing report.


Mill Ln & Hols 14 055

60 KINGS & PARK DELL 035 Mill Ln & Hols 14 07260 KINGS & PARK DELL 0191opt_KINGS 1701opt_

Below – This render had blown and needed removing, the whole area was cleaned up and sealed.

60 KINGS & PARK DELL 0091opt_KINGS 1561opt_

Below – Mr D.Bryant 40+ years experience as a master painter, good to have him in the team!

KINGS 0501opt_

Below – Skilled craftsman and carpenter Lawrence Gowers (LG Woodwork) fitting gutters correctly with a spirit level, so to get the right water fall down the gutter pipe.

KINGS 094a1opt_KINGS 1431opt_KINGS 1571opt_

To be continued….. we have been asked to take on more work next year                                           (1) Re pointing brickwork to the front of house.                                                                                         (2) Cleaning and sealing bricks to the front of the house.                                                                       (3) Internal carpentry.

To this day we still clean Mr and Mrs Bullards windows on a regular basis, and we often have a good chat and laugh about the job.

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