High Pressure Jet Washing of Period Victorian Property

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High Pressure Jet Washing of Period Victorian Property

London Rd, Braintree – High Pressure Jet Washing of Period Victorian Property

Crystal Clear Ltd were required to high pressure clean the rear patio, side path, brick walls, steps and tarmac drive way.

The property dates back to 1906 so being over 100 years old we had to be exceptionally careful when carrying out our cleaning, so not to damage any aged or fragile surfaces. We started with the rear patio area which was a pre-cast concrete flag which was deeply stained by aggressive lichen growth and algae. Added to the difficulty in the cleaning process was the pointing on the patio which was loose and in many areas was missing or broken. We were once again able to produce outstanding results while cleaning the patio, and the client was amazed to see the patio go from dark green back to its original colour.

We then moved down the side cleaning the tarmac path, rendered damp course, pipe conduit and side wall, then out onto the driveway to clean the old London red bricks. The bricks were in a bad condition with a severe attack of lichen, fungi and dirt from the busy road. The bricks were a real challenge to clean as the lichen had really taken hold over along period of time and had deeply penetrated and visibly tarnished the surface of the soft London red bricks.

Our strategy was to first lightly clean all the bricks paying particular attention not to over clean any surface. We then brushed all the bricks with a professional acid based brick cleaner to really work at and agitate the severely infested areas. After 20 minutes we began with the final deep clean of the brickwork going lightly over every area 2 or 3 times (not one heavy clean.) The bricks did eventually come up to our satisfaction as the property was of an older Victorian period it was important to leave the bricks clean, but still retaining the characteristics of an aged Victorian property as requested by the client.

This property is a perfect example for having a light yearly maintenance clean so to avoid the issues of ground in deep lichen, algae, mould and dirt. The property took one person one day to clean, we have listed the exact cleaning process that Crystal Clear Ltd under took. We have also added some before and after cleaning pictures for your attention.

(1)     Prepare and remove any objects i.e. sweep up all leaves, stones, debris etc.

(2)     Cover up and protect any areas such as flower boarders or fencing.

(3)     Fully high pressure jet wash all areas.

(4)     Rinse down all areas.

(5)     Clean any windows or doors.

(6)     Treat any areas if necessary with – Glyphosate commercial weedkiller, or algue and moss treatment.

Mr S Bryant
Company Director

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