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Crystal Clear have researched into the highest quality professional jet washing systems on the market today, to ensure we can produce the very highest standards of cleaning for our customers.

Founded in 1974 German manufacturer Kranzle is our choice for high pressure jet washers as they produce quality specialist equipment for professionals. Kranzle products are available exclusively from specialist dealers, and for good reason. If you pose high demands to quality cleaning and function of your machine you will expect professional equipment, service and support as well, therefore you will not find Kranzle jet washers at your local DIY store. Kranzle high pressure jet washers are by far the best we have tested they are heavy duty, powerful units, have outstanding build quality and technical perfection enabling Crystal Clear to produce incredible cleaning results for our customers.

KRANZLE jet washer

Crystal Clear also combine Kranzle high pressure jet washers with professional flat surface cleaners (shown below ) which are specifically designed to clean large flat areas such as patios, driveways and decking also vertical surfaces such as walls. The flat surface cleaner is an essential piece of kit as it ensures we can produce an even uniformed finish to the surface being cleaned. Another major advantage of the flat surface cleaner is that while cleaning you totally avoid the unsightly splash up of dirt and water, with this technique all the dirt remains safely underneath the large drum & not all over the surrounding areas. The flat surface cleaner is also more gentle on the area being cleaned as the high pressured water is spread out over a larger cleaning area in a uniformed circular motion.

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The combined cleaning method of the Kranzle pressure washers and flat surface cleaners is simple & very effective, enabling Crystal Clear to produce exceptional cleaning results for all our customers. Crystal Clear are able to clean and seal with polyurethane sealants many varied surfaces including patio slabs, block pathing, concrete, roof tiles and bricks.

Crystal Clear offer a highly flexible, fully insured, guaranteed service that we can tailor to our clients needs, be it a one off clean or an ongoing maintenance clean. If you would like further information on any project or require a free no obligation quote please do not hesitate to contact us we will be glad to help.

Areas Crystal Clear can clean with Kranzle high pressure jet washers are :- Patios, Driveways, Paths, Roofs, Walls, Decking, Cladding, Garden Furniture, Fences, Play Houses, Car Parks, Cars, Caravans, Out Buildings, Boats, Aircraft, Stables, Farm Equipment, Tennis Courts and much more.

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