Painting and Decorating Render – Ennis Clare, Lt Baddow, Chelmsford.

Crystal Clear Cleaning Maintenance – Painting and Decorating Services.

Painting and Decorating Services to Property Render and Jet Washing of Lower Front Roof.

Crystal Clear have worked for Mr and Mrs Tennet over a number of years by regularly cleaning windows, unblocking gutters every year, cleaning gutters and fascia boards etc.We were asked about the dirty discoloured render and what could be done to remove the dirty green staining. We advised on our system of brushing and scrubbing the worst of the dirt off, treatment the render then finally painting.

We started works on this property in the summer of 2016 by our usual process of firstly sheeting up all windows to protect them from paint and dirt, then cleaning down all the render with our specialised cleaning poles and brushes. To make sure all the fungi and algae was fully eradicated we also applied a fungicidal wash to all areas. After leaving the fungicidal wash a few weeks to work into the render, we then started on the preparation for the painting works this involved by firstly apply a stabilising solution to all parts of the render paying particular attention to any cracks and holes. We then started filling up all the cracks and holes ready for the painting. For most of our customers we advice on Dulux Weathershield Masonry Paints for painting render we feel the Dulux range of paints to be some of the best paints on the market. This job was completed from start to finish in 2 weeks while the customer was away to minimis disturbance, we received high praise for the works and the customer also left us a review.

Below before – Property looking dull and dark.


After – the property looks bright and new (windows still have the protective sheeting on)


Before starting any painting works, our first job was to clean the moss off the roof.


We also applied a fungicidal wash on the roof and painted it with a transparent roof paint to seal it off.


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