Residential and Commercial Window Cleaning

//Residential and Commercial Window Cleaning

Residential and Commercial Window Cleaning

Residential and Commercial Window Cleaning

Welcome to Crystal Clear Ltd we offer the highest standards in residential and commercial window cleaning covering Essex and beyond. I have been trained at the (BWCF) British Window Cleaning Federation (BWCF) by founder and inventor of the Ionics Reach and Wash System Craig Mawlam. Also we are registered with the Federation of Window Cleaners (FWC) and The Master Guild of Window Cleaners. We have assembled vast experience and knowledge over 15 years in the residential and commercial window cleaning industry, covering many different styles of windows at various aspects and heights up to 80 ft high.

Here we will answer some frequently asked questions (F.A.Qs) and offer what we feel is the best practice and safest way to clean windows today. All the points below I have experienced on my daily working schedule as a full time professional residential and commercial window cleaner using both traditionally methods and with the Reach and Wash Water Fed Pole System.

(1) Why do you clean windows with poles instead of ladders?

In 2005 The Working at Heights Regulations were introduced by the HSE (Health and Safety Executive). I have added a few links which explains in further details how and when we are allowed to use ladders. In summary ladders are not banned or illegal to use, BUT ladders should only be used for low level risk works for a minimal amount of time when cleaning at heights can not be avoided. Ladders should not be used on a day to day basis to clean windows they should only be used as a last resort when all other ways of accessing the area to be cleaned has been considered. Many window cleaners have been injured or even died because of falling from heights with even more unreported incidents of injuries. We all have probably heard of somebody having a fall from a ladder and injuring themselves whilst cleaning windows? The Reach And Wash System has changed the window cleaning industry forever and we can know carry out our daily work much safer.

Domestic window cleaning - using high reach access equipment in Chelmsford.

Domestic Window Cleaning – Using The Reach and Wash Equipment in Chelmsford, Essex.

(2) What are the benefits for using a pole instead of a ladder? 

The major advantage is safety as detailed in section (1). But there are many other advantages that you may not of considered from a customers point of view. Privacy – no more window cleaner up at your bedroom window, so completely avoiding embarising situations were you need to run for cover because your window cleaner has turned up! Noise – Water Fed Poles (WFP) are silent no more clanging of noisy metal ladders banging about. Damage leaning metal ladders up against plastic or wooden window frames or sills can badly mark or scratch them. If a ladder slips it can cause major damage. Modern carbon fiber poles are very light and are are far less lightly to damage property. Access – Over many years I was frustrated as a window cleaner as I could never access many areas of my customers properties to clean them. With the WFP system we can know easily and safely access most areas at heights up to 80ft!! These areas are above conservatories, pitched tiled roofs, flat roofs, solar panels, gutters, fascia boards, conservatory roofs etc.

Domestic window cleaning in Danbury, Chelmsford

Cleaning velux windows in Danbury, Chelmsford.

Cleaning Solar Panels in Chelmsford

Cleaning Solar Panels in Chelmsford

Commercial Window Cleaning

Commercial Window Cleaning over awkward entrance door (25ft high)

High reach pole safely cleaning dirty render around 30ft high

High reach pole safely cleaning dirty render around 30ft high.

(2) Why are the windows left wet and not wiped dry?

If cleaned correctly by a trained skilled professional window cleaner the water left on the window will be pure and the water on the glass windows, frames and sills will dry off spotless.

(3) The last window cleaner I had the windows dried with spots on and there were runs on the glass.

The water left marks either because the initial scrub was not thorough enough or the windows were not rinsed down enough. This is usually caused by a lack knowledge and understanding, or sometimes just an inadequate window cleaner.

(4) Do you clean the frames, sills and doors?

Yes as standard we always clean all the windows, frames, sills, front and side doors. If we can’t we will explain why.

(5) How will I know when you are coming? My gate is always locked how will you get in?

Modern technology is the answer here, as standard you will receive a text, email or phone call the day before we are due to clean the windows.

(6) How do I pay you?

We always try to tailor our services around our customers, we can offer an easy online banking service, or postal cheques, you can always pay cash if you prefer. We will never collect at your house the day after we have cleaned the windows this is bad practice.

How often or what regularity do you clean windows?

We offer a regular 5-6 weekly cleaning service, or a 10-12 weekly clean, or a quarterly clean.    One off service the choice is yours.

Please contact Scott on 07900 250 078 – 01376 348 773  –

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